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For Your Patients

Elevate Your Impact

Immersion Course

New to Functional or Root-Cause Medicine?


Do you want to learn how to get started with Functional Medicine but don't think you have the time? Did you know that most of what our patients need can be learned in under 12 weeks?

Get up and running now with our 12-week transformational Elevate Your Impact Immersion Course: ​

  • Small cohort, interactive classes, case studies, individual consultations

  • Quickly implement the basic elements of the root-cause approach and be on the cutting edge in healthcare

  • Cultivate your dream practice with more independent patients on fewer meds with better health outcomes

  • Help your patients get real and lasting results and become the favorite doc on the block

  • Develop a dynamic, harmonious, and financially beneficial work culture

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Talk to Dr. Laura about your practice needs and goals and whether this opportunity is right for you!

For You

Total Health Reset BootCamp

For Your Patients: An Online Functional/Root-Cause Deep-Dive 


Many of your patients need more depth than Lifestyle education only! This is a deeper dive into actually cleaning and repairing the gut, moving through a food elimination protocol, boosting nutrients, tackling inflammation, and gentle detox.


Sign your patient up for an intensive 9-Week online transformative education and experience in which they will clean up and rebalance their systems biology to prevent, slow, stop, or reverse chronic illness and debilitating symptoms.

The bootcamp is automated for your patient. You have the option to oversee and support them with regular visits, supplements, labs, etc. OR you can leave the support to us.

Using The Total Health Reset BootCamp with your patients can:​​

  • elevate the depth and level of care​

  • empower your patients to find control over the future of their health

  • enhance patient and employee satisfaction

  • enrich your financial bottom line

  • We help you set up to implement for success!


Two different platform formats are available to ensure that we can meet the needs of any practice.

Schedule a Free Consultation withDr. Laura Robin to learn more about how Functional Medicine Project can best serve YOU!


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