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Help your patients heal themselves while generating an additional passive income stream for your practice!

Do you want a certain level of education and body reset for your patients?  Do you want your patients to learn a baseline of important FM education and to make significant changes in their baseline health? Are you wishing you could automate some of the education and recommendations that you give to each patient? Do want to improve your financial bottom line?


Easy Implementation

Add this turn-key solution into your practice tomorrow! 

Educate and empower your patients to take control of their health while you gain time to do more of what you want to do!


Use our 9-Week Total Health Reset BootCamp to help you help your patients.


Allow us to link you to easy-access high-quality targeted supplements, patient coaching, plus onboarding  support for you if needed!



Empower Your Patients

Empower your patients to take control of their current health and their future with a 9-Week online Total Health Reset Bootcamp.


Help them clean, reset, and rebalance their physiology at both the systems-biology and the cellular level.


This is key to preventing, slowing, stopping or reversing chronic health conditions, improving health outcomes, and optimizing health for a lifetime of improved vitality, quality, and performance.


Boost Your Practice

Helping your patients shouldn't mean more pain for you!


We've designed  our solution to be a winner for you: 1) multiple ways for you to improve your financial bottom line AND enhance your team's happiness and satisfaction; and    

2) support in making sure your patients are getting the basics they need to elevate their health!

Sounds like a win-win for you! Help your patients change their lives, and help yourself and your practice too!

Want to see what the Total Health Reset will look like for your patients?

The Functional Medicine Project helps providers quickly and easily introduce evidence-based Functional (Root-cause) Medicine principles to their patients with high-quality, turnkey solutions

After years of experience in Functional Medicine, I have learned that: 


​Approaching a patient's health from a comprehensive root-cause perspective can be a total game-changer. Really digging in - getting rid of what isn't helpful, and then giving the body everything it needs to heal itself, rebalance, and thrive - allows it to reset itself in an amazing and comprehensive way. Sometimes it feels like magic! A total gift for your patient to give to their body.

And, I've also learned that if my patients really want to get better and turn their health issues around, FOR REAL and FOR GOOD....they MUST clean up, repair, restore and rebalance the basics before anything else will work! 


I worked with several hundred patients to figure out how to help them move through a total body reset in a relatively brief and painless way...

This is where The Total Health Reset comes in. 

What your patient should experience over 9 weeks:


Eliminate intake of harmful foods and other substances and identify food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances.


A more regulated sugar/insulin/lipid metabolism with the potential to turn around pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes and modulate cardiovascular risk factors.


The effects of decreased inflammation on symptoms and chronic illness. 


The potential slowing, stopping, or reversal of degenerative, inflammatory, auto-immune, auto-inflammatory, and neurodegenerative conditions. Preventing new conditions!


FEELING and SEEING the effects of their good work, most patients choose to maintain many of their new good habits!!


Support from you, your team, and others in maintaining motivation, being accountable, finding success, and making it sustainable. 


Repair and rebalance of the intestinal wall and microbiome, to better support digestion, absorption, assimilation of nutrients, a regulated immune response, balance of neurotransmitters, and other important compounds.


Enhancement of detoxification pathways to remove both accumulated and circulating toxins, including carcinogens, inflammogens, and other toxin irritants.


Improved endocrine balance, especially thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.


Improved energy, brain clarity, body composition/weight, exercise tolerance/recovery, mood, sleep, hope, and much more.


The identification of possible further diagnostics and/or target areas for a deeper dive into the roots of their chronic health issues.

We supply the tools... You make it happen!
The Functional Medicine Project Provides:

The Total Health Reset Course is a 9-Week Online self-led education and functional medicine experience for your patient. 

Six-Week Onboarding Mini-Course to get you and your team up and running smoothly

High-quality, evidence-based, widely tolerated nutraceuticals to support your patient in getting optimal results (optional and strongly recommended)

Link and easy option for enhanced Functional Lab testing with fantastic support for clinicians and an in-depth Functional Health Report for clinicians and patients.

Link and easy training for Program Coaching to help your patients with support and accountability. Right from your office, with your team. 

New to Functional Medicine? Sign up for The Exceptional Physician Program to get your Functional Medicine skills up and running! 

You can read more about the program and the responsibilities of the parties during the training process in the Client Agreement below.

Why You and Your Practice Should Give Total Health Reset some Serious Thought

The Functional Medicine Project has made the Total Health Reset Program as simple as possible to implement in your practice. There are a few decisions and details to set up, and we help your whole team with a 6-Week Mini Onboarding Course. Most clinicians who have implemented programs like this in their offices have reported much greater satisfaction in their practice, an improved team/employee spirit, happier and healthier patients, more positive patient interactions, and an improved financial bottom line.

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